February 14, 2015

Happy Valentines Day!

Janelle Claire Beranek released a special Valentines Day shoot featuring our shell pink harness...so cute! Happy Valentines Day everyone!

January 03, 2015

Wallis Giunta in Toronto Life Magazine

"I often juxtapose pieces that don't traditionally go together, so I really love the look of strong straps over a floral spring dress"

Mezzo Soprano Wallis Giunta, in 2013 for Toronto Life Magazine

Shot by Miguel Jacob

Styled by Elizabeth Bowman of Bōwman Media!

December 19, 2014

Niki Trosky - Love Life Productions

Our designer Angie grew up in the Canadian Prairie province of Manitoba. The far flung city of Winnipeg, at first glance, may appear to be off the cultural beaten path. Solitude and isolation, however, breed much creativity. Case in point local artist/stylist Niki Trosky who has been a longtime supporter of Norwegian Wood, sneaking our pieces into various photoshoots, including fitting our shoulder padded harness into this one that she created to celebrate her post-baby breasts! How can you not love this girl? See more of Nikis work HERE

December 15, 2014


Norwegian Wood Chandelier Necklace

Photo-Styliste: Mélanie Brisson

Mannequin: Arielle (Dulcedo)

Maquilleuse-Coiffeuse: Evangelia Pavlakos

December 15, 2014


Spot our tie dye Box T and Chandelier Necklace
Styliste: Mélanie Brisson
Assistante Styliste: Marie-Claude Viola
Directrice Style de vie: Mélanie Thyvierge
Photographe: Alain Roberge
Directeur Technique: Stephan Doe
Mannequin: Annaise (Specs)
Maquilleuse-Coiffeuse: Laurie Deraps

December 15, 2014

Mélanie Brisson & Brian Ypperciel: Montreal

Norwegian Wood Jersey Fringe Jacket
Styliste: Mélanie Brisson
Photographe: Brian Ypperciel
Mannequin: Angies
Maquilleur-Coiffeur: Marco Marsolais
December 05, 2014

Elle Canada Gift Guide

Amazing super woman stylist Mel Garcia put together this gorgeous gift guide for Elle Canada, featuring our "Animal Kingdom" fringe kimono in the "Luxe Fairy Tale" layout...so pretty!

December 04, 2014

Styliste: Melanie Brisson

One of the absolute sweetest stylists in Montreal, this shoot remains one of my all time faves.
Norwegian Wood ruffle harness and fringe belt
Styliste: Mélanie Brisson
Assistante Styliste: Vicky St-Hilaire
Photographe: Marianne Larochelle
Mannequin: Bianca (Specs)
Maquilleuse-Coiffeuse: Anicko Bouchard


December 04, 2014

Pastel Dream

Norwegian Wood chiffon tank, fringe belt and feather/silk collar
Mannequin: Elina
Styliste: Vicky St-Hilaire

December 04, 2014

Montreal Stylist Vicky St-Hilaire

Vicky was a early Norwegian Wood supporter, another older shoot that still resonates for me. Norwegian Wood necklace and feather/fringe shoulder harness
Mannequin: Alexandra S (Scoop)
Photographe: Laurie Godin-Rheault
Coiffeur et maquilleur: Michael Goyette
Styliste: Vicky St-Hilaire