Automatic FREE SHIPPING on all US orders over $200



We ship our orders with the minimum amount of packaging needed to keep your items safe, and always choose the best environmental option we can. We choose kraft/brown boxes and paper instead of white/colored options. Kraft boxes/paper consist of 60% recycled materials on average, and contain no bleach or plastic coatings, unlike many white/colored options.

Sometimes you may received a package with bubble wrap/air pockets/biodegradable packing peanuts. We save these packing materials from our various supply/wholesale purchases and re-use them in some orders.

Local Production

All our designs are made locally within the greater Los Angeles area, many within our own workshop. We work with a variety of local businesses to produce our goods, and believe strongly in working with family owned local businesses both for our production, and for our materials sourcing. 

Just in Time/Made to Order Production

Ever hear about unsold clothing/goods getting thrown away in order for brands to preserve a reputation of exclusivity? It's a real issue within our culture of fast fashion and online impulse purchasing.  Overproduction is a huge problem, and making space for a large amount of inventory means higher overhead (for renting a larger space) which means higher prices for customers. 

By working with a "just in time/made to order" production model we only create the exact items that people need, and are able to offer them to you at a sustainable price point. It also allows us to customize many parts of your design (ie size, fabric, etc) The trade off is that we do not accept returns/exchanges due to change of mind, and you can't get your order instantly. The good news is that we've determined that a 2-3 week production window allows us enough flexibility for varied order volume, while still being an accurate window that we can always meet to get your orders out as promised. To help you in your decision making process before ordering we can answer any questions you may have about our designs, and you can order swatches HERE.

Materials & Quality

With a Bachelors degree in Clothing & Textiles, and a long history of sewing, our founder Angie cares a LOT about construction quality and fabric quality. Angie sketches new designs, then creates prototypes herself or alongside our studio team members right here in our LA workshop. This hands-on approach allows us to try out various sewing & leatherwork techniques until we get things just right. Sometimes we make six different prototypes of a new design before we're satisfied! Once we've decided on our final design we then work with our production partners to ensure the same techniques and details are followed every step along the way. 

Workers & Fair Wages

We don't believe in nickel and dime-ing our suppliers or contractors, due to the deep respect we have for people who have honed their artisanship over the years. As a company owned by a maker, we are part of that group as well. Everyone we work with receives a minimum of $20+/hr for their work (as of January 1 2024 the minimum wage in CA is $16).   We work with printers, sewing contractors, upholstery shops, fabric & leather suppliers, sewing machine repair people, cinematographers and marketers, all based in California.  Our studio is a LGBTQIA+ safe space, we are anti-racist and strive to constantly improve, since the job is never done.