We've moved to California! After being based in Montreal, Canada since 2008, we've now relocated to the SF Bay Area, California. 


at the time of placing your order. Our shipping is integrated with Etsy, and we do not have a way of changing the address except manually at the time of shipping. Due to the large volume of orders we receive it is next to impossible to remember a change in address, and therefore we cannot be responsible for making these changes. If you make a mistake the best thing to do is contact us ASAP, then we will cancel your order and you can place another one with the correct address, so it is in our computerized shipping system.

When purchasing multiple items sometimes the price is not totally accurate. With such a wide variety of items with different sizes and weights, the shipping calculator is the best estimate we have. Our policy is that if the actual shipping costs MORE than what you were charged, we cover it for you. If it costs LESS than what you were charged (by $3 or more) we will send you a refund. So rest assured, we're not gouging you on shipping costs...more often than not we're covering extra charges! Our gift to you :)

We cannot lie about the value of goods on a customs form, nor can we call your purchase a gift. This is against the law and we could be faced with hefty fines.

Now that we're US based all our packages have tracking, yay! Click on your receipt page here on Etsy to find a handy link to your tracking.


**Please note, packages CAN be delayed by customs, which unfortunately is not in our control. This is a rare occasion, but it can happen.

Within the USA:
1-4 days from ship date

USA to Canada:
3-8 days from ship date

5-14 days from ship date


Duties are the responsibility of the recipient. Duties are a tax rate decided upon and collected by YOUR government to help with your local services and infrastructure.

They vary incredibly from country to country, and are based on the category of item you have ordered (ie a sweater vs. a necklace = different rates), the country that it was manufactured in and the value of the item. Read a bit about Duties/VAT/Customs charges here:


If you need something fast, fast, fast there are often other options, just shoot us a message and we'll tell you what's possible. We're always here to help!