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natural leather and wood geometric abstract art created by Los Angeles based artist Angie JohnsonAt the core of this series is the knowledge that change is inevitable. 

These pieces explore the contrasts between the chaos and lack of control within nature, vs the rigidity and organization of modern life. Made from undyed, naturally tanned leather (a byproduct of Norwegian Wood furniture production) applied to wood, these pieces will continue to darken over the years with exposure to light and air. They are ever evolving pieces of art that the owner lives with and accepts, without knowing a specific outcome.

A piece made 1 year ago will look different from a piece made 5 years ago. Each piece is created using archival quality glue on untreated lumber and finished with a setting spray. This allows the leather to breath and continue to darken, but also protects it. 

The belief that every part of the animal should be used drives us to save every scrap of leather from our production process and puts them to use here.