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Resin Incense - Set of Three: White Copal, Pontifical & Palo Santo

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Burning herbs and resins (aromatic tree sap) is one of the oldest forms of incense. Light some for your morning meditation, during your evening bath ritual or to trick yourself – temporarily – into believing you’re at a yoga retreat far, far away. 

Kit Includes:

- 3 glass jars of resin incense: White Copal, Pontifical & Palo Santo

- Cotton storage bag

White Copal: White copal has a light, sweet and warm scent. The word Copal is from the Aztec word “copalli” and was considered the sacred blood of the trees. In line with most other incenses, Copal has a long history of traditional use as a space clearer, eradicating negative energy from places and objects. It’s clean, light and woody scent is said to bring a positive and loving energy that will fill the home with peaceful energies, soothe the mind and relieve anxiety & stress.

Pontifical: Pontifical incense consists of three types of gum granules: Olibanum, Myrrh and Gum Benjoin. These granules are obtained from different gum trees, in particular the African Boswellia Papyrifera and Commiphora Myrra and the Asian Styrax Benzoin. The granules have been washed in perfume oils and are colored with pigments which are all EU-approved. Pontifical is an incense meant for use in rituals. An Orthodox-style Church resin, it uses an ancient traditional blend of aromatic resins Frankincense, Myrrh, Benzoin and Styrax.

Palo Santo: Palo Santo is a sacred fragrance tree in South America that mean "Holy Wood". Palo Santo Resin is valued for its spiritual benefits as well as for its sweet, even, woodsy scent. Palo Santo has been used for thousands of years in Peru and Ecuador by shamans and healers. It is said to bring luck and ward off negativity, and is said to give you a more profound connection to your being.



Burning resin incense is a rich sensory experience and it should preferably be burned on charcoal tabs specifically designed for incense burning in a flame proof container. This incense should not be used as a food additive or for pharmaceutical purposes.

Ships from the Norwegian Wood studio in Los Angeles