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Sun and Moon Resin Incense

$4.99 USD

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Burning herbs and resins (aromatic tree sap) is one of the oldest forms of incense. Light some for your morning meditation, during your evening bath ritual or to trick yourself – temporarily – into believing you’re at a yoga retreat far, far away

Sun and Moon: Also known as Pagan Magic incense, this silver and gold resin is a small grain frankincense blend. The scent is very light compared to many other resins. Silver is associated with the Moon (wisdom, dreams, rest and healing) Gold is associated with the Sun (power, confidence, generosity and optimism)

Cotton bag included with order of 2 or more resins


Resin incense should always be burned on charcoal tabs specifically designed for incense burning in a flame proof container. Light the charcoal tab on fire from below, some sparking will occur initially. Place the charcoal tab in the holder, then add small pieces of resin to the tab. Feel free to mix scents and continue to add resin as the charcoal burns. Do not leave burning incense unattended. This incense should not be used as a food additive or for pharmaceutical purposes. Please burn in a well ventilated space. 

 Ships from the Norwegian Wood studio in Los Angeles