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No Problemo - Cone Incense - black pepper, palo santo & atlas cedar

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No Problemo - Charcoal incense cones scented with therapeutic-grade essential oils.  Notes of: black pepper, palo santo & atlas cedar

- Quantity: 20 cones
- Made in United States
- Weight: 3.2 oz (90.7 g)

Pretti.Cool was founded by a bunch of 90's kids who wanted an excuse to collaborate on making products that are both practical + fun. Made in small batches by hand in Houston, Texas

- Place on a fire-safe vessel and light with match or lighter. Cone should not remain aflame after lighting.
- Cone incense tends to burn faster and stronger than stick incense. Due to its contained shape some people find it easier to burn, since the ashes don't spread as far


Ships from the Norwegian Wood studio in Los Angeles