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Iron and Copper Resin Incense or Fragrance Oil Burning Kit

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Light some resin incense for your morning meditation, during your evening bath ritual or to trick yourself – temporarily – into believing you’re at a yoga retreat far, far away

This incense burner creates a charcoal-free way to burn your favourite resin incense, simply by using a tea light candle. By placing the included resin incense in the bowl and lighting a tea light candle beneath it, you can slowly warm the resin to release its aroma into the air.

Kit Includes:

- Copper bowl and iron holder, Width: 5.75" cast-iron frame, 4" copper bowl, Height: 3" (with bowl)

- One beeswax tealight candle

- 3 glass jars of resin incense: White Copal, Ancient Rome & Peruvian Myrrh

- Box of matches

- Comes packaged in a kraft cardboard gift box

 Ships from the Norwegian Wood studio in Los Angeles



How to use with resin incense:
Remove the copper bowl and place a tea light candle into the base. Light the candle. Place a few pieces of the resin incense into the copper bowl then set it back into its holder. As the resin warms it will begin to melt, releasing its scent throughout your home. If you would like to avoid discoloring the copper, place a bit of aluminum foil in the the copper bowl before you add the resin. Lining the bowl will make cleanup or swapping resin types quick and easy. For harder resins and woods, consider using a votive instead of a tea light. The heat will be in more direct contact with the base of the copper and ensure a hotter surface to melt the resins and heat the wood in order to release the fragrance. 

How to use with essential or fragrance oils:
Remove the copper bowl and place a tea light candle into the base. Light the candle and replace the copper bowl. Add some water to the indention in the bowl and then add 5-10 drops of oil to the water. As the water heats, the fragrance will be released into the air.



White Copal: White copal has a light, sweet and warm scent. The word Copal is from the Aztec word “copalli” and was considered the sacred blood of the trees. In line with most other incenses, Copal has a long history of traditional use as a space clearer, eradicating negative energy from places and objects. It’s clean, light and woody scent is said to bring a positive and loving energy that will fill the home with peaceful energies, soothe the mind and relieve anxiety & stress.

Ancient Rome: Pontifical incense consists of three types of gum granules: Olibanum, Myrrh and Gum Benzoin. These granules are obtained from different gum trees, in particular the African Boswellia Papyrifera and Commiphora Myrra and the Asian Styrax Benzoin. The granules have been washed in perfume oils and are colored with pigments which are all EU-approved. 

Peruvian Myrrh: Warm and earthy, this woody balsamic resin comes from Peru. Often blended with Frankincense or Copal, it's said to help one achieve spiritual clarity, purify, balance and bless your home and give it a sacred touch of the divine feminine energy.