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Canadian Federal Election Woes

October 19, 2015

On this Canadian Federal election day, I'm having a lot of feels about being Canadian. As a person who is now in the process of moving to the US those feels are also amplified and then folded in half, twisted around and smacked a few times for good measure. Basically...I'm an anxiety ridden distracted mess.
Outfit Bootcamp: The Grey Sweatshirt

October 07, 2015

Grey Sweatshirt #2 - The New Pink

Grey Sweatshirt #2 - The New Pink by angiemontreal featuring baggy jeans


The Heather Grey Sweatshirt. A modern staple. Really, you can’t have too much heather grey in your life. I literally have an entire drawer for heather grey items. IT’S A NECESSITY, OK?! Although my designs for Norwegian Wood are generally known to be a colourful print-tastic […] CLICK THE TITLE TO READ MORE