From June 17th-July 15th we will be shutting down our Montreal studio!  

NO ORDERS placed during this time will ship until July 16th at the earliest.

We're sorry for the inconvenience, moving is the worst isn't it?! 

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Dark Decor: Paint it Black

December 15, 2015

For awhile now (what….like 10 years maybe? I’m totally not putting a lot of effort into this guess) white walls have been the modern decorating standard. Sure, there are always the “fun” “quirky” homes that I see here or there but let’s be real…around the early/mid 2000s most interiors focused sites/mags sort of just wanted a palette […]

Searching for Ageless Cool

December 02, 2015

Two months ago I unknowingly did an excellent thing for myself. I somehow managed in one fell swoop to calm my busy mind of negative ideas of beauty and aging. It’s actually been so effective as to be somewhat disconcerting, I mean… I did it accidentally. It makes me wonder; what other perfect solutions am I one step away […]