Fringe Kimono - Silk Chiffon, Madonna and Child

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Sometimes you want a piece of clothing that isn't about trends or  practicality. Sometimes you want a SHOWSTOPPER that will have a special place in your closet for a lot longer than a season. 

We created this piece as part of a collaboration with the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. The museum was completely renovated in 2013, and as part of the revamp they have digitized a large part of their collection and created a website where the images are available for public use. A whole museums worth of beautiful imagery to use in our was an offer we couldn't refuse!

Our designer Angie used two separate images to create this piece. The subtle red lilies are from a painting by F.L. Hoffmann from 1775. She used these delicate flowers to flank the image of of a painting called "Madonna of Humility" painted by an artist named Fra Angelico, around 1440. What's interesting about this painting is that the artist was a Dominican monk. Within this social position Fra Angelico was not subject to the strict rules of the Florentine painters’ guild. Because of this he was free to develop a more personal style, resulting in a combination of strong realism mixed with a certain sweetness, said to be partly derived from earlier Sienese and Florentine examples. CONTEXT IS SO COOL.

The front and back panels are made of digitally printed 100% silk chiffon panels. Silky smooth jersey is used for the sleeves and collar. The bottom edge of the top is finished in long black fringe, which we had custom made right here in Montreal.

Please note that this top does NOT have a super saturated deep colour. We've tried to convey this in the natural light photos. Dark colours are very difficult to print on sheer silk, so it's not possible for the dark grey sections of the top to be extremely dark. This gives the top an overall faded/pale look, and is part of the design. 

This cardigan looks great layered over a little black dress with heels, or equally good with head to toe denim and boots, as we've styled it here. A few of our customers have suggested it could be extremely decadent loungewear/lingerie layering...which we fully support! Either way, it's a statement piece that you can come back to season after season.

One size fits all

Top is 50" long including the fringe

Circumference is over 100" so this style is great for all sizes!

Dry clean only

This top is made to order (although ONCE IN AWHILE we have them in stock, just ask!), so please allow up to 1-2 weeks for production. 



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