Red Agate, Hand Knotted, Wood Bead, Tassel Necklace

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This necklace starts out with the careful selection of a natural agate stone. This particular necklace features a chunk of natural red agate with a creamy white strip running through the middle. 

When our designer Angie came up with this design she searched high and low for the best handmade tassels, and found an amazing artisan from Greece who makes them by hand for us. Greece has a long history of using cotton, wool and silk tassels in their traditional folk clothing, so we thought this was the perfect place to get them from. This particular tassel is made of burgundy wool and has a brass ring around its base

The rest of the necklace is made from black poly silk cord and wooden beads, strung by hand and individually knotted into place.

From simple white linen shirts or tshirts to dresses and denim shirts...this necklace seems to go with's sort of ridiculous how easy it is.

Due to the unique nature of the stones used, this necklace is totally unique, and you will receive the EXACT one pictured here. Check the Jewelry section of the site for more versions and colourways of this style! Please note different styles are different lengths, so read carefully!

27" long necklace circumference, NOT including the stone or tassel


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