LAST ONE, DISCOUNTED PRICE - Leather Headboard Cushion with Straps - Steel Grey Leather

This leather is being discontinued, so we have ONE headboard left in this colour, King Size, 76" which we are offering here at a discounted price. 


The comfort of a headboard without the commitment.

Lightweight foam is covered in supple aged cow leather in a colour we call "Steel". This removable cover has a washed linen backing. The straps are reinforced with metal plates at this joint to prevent stretching out, however we do not recommend anything heavier than the cushion be hung from it (including lights, plants...and people!)

Since wall construction varies from home to home we don't provide the screws or anchors, however we recommend hanging this piece as you would a shelf (ie with anchors appropriate to your wall structure)

- Available in 76" (king, was $699, now $445)

- 18" tall (not including straps)

- 2" thick

- Genuine leather straps (three colour options, choose from drop down menu)

- Metal standoff hardware and rivets (two colour options,  choose from drop down menu)






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