Leather and Velvet Duffle Bag - Tapestry Print

Leather combined with the most luxuriously soft digitally printed velvet. Pure modern luxury with a vintage vibe. This bag is handmade in Montreal by the AMAZING Kimberly Fletcher, read more about this talented artisan in the collabs section of our site HERE

For this collaboration we wanted to create a rug/tapestry type textile, mimicking the vibe of 1970s carpet bags...you know, the kind that are practically impossible to find anymore? Yup, those ones. This bag is like getting that great vintage look with all the high quality and extra pockets of a brand new handmade bag.

- The super soft velvet is 100% polyester, allowing for a richer printing colour, fade resistance as well as superior strength and durability...perfect for a bag! It's absolutely incredible the amount of detail that shows through with this printing technique. Although the velvet we print on is insanely soft, this bag has a more rugged look, because the texture of the ORIGINAL ANTIQUE RUG shines through...truly impressive, yay technology!

- The bottom of the bag and all trims are 100% leather

- All buckles, rivets, hooks and loops are metal with an antique brass finish.

- The bag has handles, as well as a long strap that is removable, which can be worn across the body or over the shoulder.

- One of our favourite details is the skinny strap that acts as a keyring, just attach your keychain right to your bag and you will ALWAYS be able to find your keys....so genius!

- Please note that the placement of the print may vary slightly from bag to bag, since this is a handmade item, but the sides of the bag will always feature the sweet little deer, prominently placed.

This bag ships wrapped in tissue, in a box and is fully insured.

Bag dimensions are:

12" x 10" x 10"

The strap length is 46" at its longest, 39" at its shortest length

This item is MADE TO ORDER so please allow 1-2 weeks for Kimberly to complete the bag, depending on how much work she has lined up.


*LAST IMAGE is for size reference only. Looking for that bag? Buy it HERE



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