Hanging Table/Plant Holder with Tassels - Cotton & Jute

Our designer Angie is a huge fan and collector of pretty much anything that you can hang from the ceiling, so she decided it was time to create a version of the classic 1970s macrame hanging table. 

We took the original vintage styles as inspiration but changed quite a few things. Our tables are made of 100% cotton braided cord with a synthetic core. The synthetic core prevents the cord from stretching out too much over time, although a slight amount of stretch will happen, and actually helps with the balance of the table.

The one MAJOR change we made though was to make this version ADJUSTABLE!

We knew we only wanted to create the hanging structure (THE WOOD SURFACE IS NOT INCLUDED) so we decided by making these tables with a sliding frame (as opposed to a knotted macrame technique). This makes them way more versatile. Now they can be used for many sizes of table top or even as a planter!

The inner frame is what the table/plant sits on, while the outer "zig zag" frame (with the tassels) can slide along this inner frame, allowing the circumference to expand, and also allowing you to play with how low the tassels hang. You can change the look of this piece in seconds, look closely at our photos to see how the rope has been moved up or down to change the look. 

Hand wrapped jute holds all the loops in place.

Each table has one central tassel with six other adjustable tassels circling it. Every single one of these tassels is tied and glued by hand. The tassels are made of 100% cotton yarn with a cotton loop at the center. These little guys are very time consuming to make, but the end result is pure bohemian luxury.

- Will fit up to a 24" diameter circle
- 52" long at its longest. The larger an item you put in the frame, the shorter it will become, as the ropes need to move outward to "hug" the object you're placing in it.


I suggest you check out your local thrift store, reuse center or home decor store and look for wooden bowls, metal trays, platters, even a cutting board could work! Many home building centers also have unfinished wooden rounds that you could finish in whatever colour you like. If you've got your heart set on a glass top we've personally found that Pier 1 is your best bet and Target has many wooden platters to choose from. In general round shapes work much better as they distribute the weight more evenly.

PLEASE ensure that you have secured this table properly to the ceiling, especially if you are placing a glass tabletop in it. Find out the weight of the tabletop you are adding, and ensure your hanging method is rated to hold that amount of weight (most hooks have a weight rating noted on the packaging). The holder itself is quite strong (the rope has a very high weight rating) however the hook it's hanging from must be properly anchored in the ceiling. 11lb max weight.


please allow 1-5 business days for production

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