Hanging Plant Holder- Raw Brass

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This solid brass metal hanging planter is the epitome of modernist simplicity.

As a fan of midcentury design I set out to create a new design that would fit equally well in a modern or retro home, and this is the result. 

Being personally unskilled in metalwork, although committed to local production, I found an amazing small business in Los Angeles. Although I sometimes needs help to bring my ideas to fruition, it's important to us to support local production.

- Solid brass
- raw finish, polished with "brasso" for a vintage look. Will need polishing over time to maintain this exact look, otherwise it will slowly gain a patina. Can be re-polished at any time.
- hangs from 37" long natural colour rope. The rope is cotton with a synthetic core (to reduce stretching out over time) It is a clothesline style rope.
- Brass ring detail
- This hanger will oxidize if left outdoors, not recommended unless you are ok with the product changing a lot
- Outer circle diameter: 18"
- Plant holder diameter: 7.5"

The terracotta pot is NOT included with the holder (shipping would be SO high if we included this heavy (and breakable) pot!) however you can use a wide variety of styles of pot with this holder as long as it fits the diameter noted above. See the images above for examples of terracotta pot and glass bowl

In the photos here I've used a classic terracotta pot and glass bowl, from garden center/florist shops.

The holder can fit a variety of sizes, it just depends how high/low you want the planter to sit in it. Just make sure that SOME part of the pot is 7.5" in diameter and that the pot is not too tall to fit within the frame and it will work...some customers have even told me they plan to use a round glass bowl and show off their fish in it! When in doubt...bring the holder with you when you go pot shopping!


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