Fringe Kimono - Silk Chiffon, Animal Kingdom

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This kimono cardigan is just crying out for swooping and swooshing action, it's adventure waiting to happen!

The back section features an amazing oil painting of a lion from the menagerie of King Louis Napoleon, by Pieter Gerardus van Os, 1808. 

The front of the kimono (and section of the back) was created using four separate wood painted panels, done by an unknown artist in approximately 1760 - 1799. I love these panels so much, they are done in such a vibrant and playful style with so much energy! 

Lastly, the side edges of the front and back are trimmed out with a section of a sketch of an architectural frieze, from sometime after 1600 - but before 1630. 

The front and back panels are made of digitally printed 100% silk chiffon panels, which we have custom printed in Montreal. Silky smooth viscose jersey is used for the sleeves and collar. The bottom edge of the top is finished in long black fringe, which we had custom made right here in Montreal.

This cardigan looks great layered over a little black dress with heels, or equally good with jeans, a crisp button up top and boots. A few of our favorite customers have suggested it could be an extremely decadent loungewear/lingerie layering piece...which I fully support! Either way, it's a statement piece that you can come back to season after season.

One size fits all

Top is 50" long including the fringe

Dry clean only

This top is made to order, please allow 1-2 weeks for production



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