20x20 Square - Pieced Indigo Mudcloth Pillow Cover - Medium Dark, Rose Gold Zipper

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 Two pieces of vintage indigo mudcloth are patched together to create a subtle layering effect.

We sourced this fabric from an LA based family company who imports these vintage (used) textiles for us. Indigo is a rich natural dye that gets better with age. The dye takes on a beautiful faded patina over time, just like your favourite pair of jeans!

Due to the handmade and VINTAGE nature of this fabric we use to make these pillows there will be slight variations or imperfections in the weave, and we consider this to be part of the beauty of this fabric. You can really see the handmade nature of the textile as well as its history. That being said, I check each piece for any holes that are too big and I hand mend those myself. The fabric itself is made up of narrow strips of handwoven fabric, so its normal to see slight variations in how these strips are sewn together. This textile is made by hand in Africa, NOT in a modern manufacturing facility...it's amazing!

The exact pattern placement will vary from pillow to pillow (ie, the placement of the tie die will be different on each pillow). The general shade will be a MEDIUM VINTAGE look.

Even though we're in LOVE with this textile, we're totally aware that we're not the only ones working with it...no one can resist its beauty! So we wanted to elevate our design with the addition of a custom made rose gold zipper. We've had these zippers made just for us in Los Angeles in one of the last zipper factories left in the USA.

The back of this pillow is made from a high quality unbleached 100% linen fabric, and is finished off with a subtly embossed faux leather Norwegian Wood label.

The pillow case measures 20" x 20". We used a standard 20" square Ikea pillow in our photos however if you want a fuller look you can size up your pillow form 1-2".

This listing is for the PILLOW COVER ONLY. Why? Well, pillows forms are big and bulky, which makes the shipping cost go WAY up, and nobody likes that! It's actually much more cost effective for you to buy your pillow filling locally. That way you can choose the exact quality you want to buy (feathers vs. polyfil) or maybe you even already have one at home that you'd like to reuse!

Gently hand wash (not in a machine) or dry clean, hang to dry. All fabrics have been pre-washed so will not shrink or bleed, however machine washing or drying is not recommended.

This item is MADE TO ORDER, please allow 3-5 days for sewing


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