Colour can be overwhelming. We get it. When you’re face to face with a wall of paint swatches how do you even begin to narrow it down?

Colour theory is something that's part instinct and part academic, it's often much more complicated than just picking a colour you like. The pressure to not make a mistake is real and no one likes to waste time or money, especially on a large project like the exterior of your house.

Looking at a visualization of your idea can help you narrow down choices and give you confidence in your final decision.

We offer digital mockup services to help you narrow down your choices
Step 1:  Choose your package from the below options
Step 2:  Place your order 
Step 3:  We'll send you an email form that will allow you to send us your colour info and upload pictures, including photos of your house AND inspiration images

That's it! Once you fill out your information we'll send you an email with images within one week that will take your house design from idea to reality.